Win 10 Fall Creators update failing...

Aug 4, 2015
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Through the regular Microsoft update channel, the Fall Creators update wasn't available yet and normally i wait but since i had some time on my hands, i thought of forcing the update through the means of the update assistent (had done this before on an older setup with Windows 8.1 which worked fine then).
Didn't work really well.
System: Windows 10 Pro . Installed from scratch last year (no update over an older Windows version) and updated to build 14393.rs1_170917-1700
Nothing really special installed, all legal software, no hacks etc...
Just a few tweaks, like colour, backgrounds, fonts etc... nothing fancy.
The download of the Fall Creators update went well but installing didn't.
At around 13% i faced the first blue screen with the smiley and the text "Your PC ran into a problem....".
After the reboot, i let the update continue and it installed until 71%, then again a BSOD.
Did the same, let it reboot and let the update continue, this time until 87% when again there was a BSOD.
Again, i let it do the job, let it go through reboot and let the update continue.
This time it reached 100% and after a reboot there it was... the latest Windows 10 Fall Creators update.

I directly noticed wome weird things:
- The : between the hour and the minutes on the clock had changed to a square symbol.
Everything i tried didn't solve this issue until i ran into a solution to replace the : symbol by another : from the same font and that solved it.
- I had a "GodMode" icon on my desktop (which i installed but never used). There the icon name was gone. For the rest, GodMode worked like before but nothing i did brought back the icon text. Deleting and creating new one neither. Changed the icon text didn't help either, no text ever showed under the GodMode icon.
- I noticed Windows had turned on the language button in the taskbar. This revealed that the update had downloaded an extra language pack. Turning the notification off worked only temporary, after a reboot the button was there again until i uninstalled that second language pack.
- Edge didn't work anymore. It opened and closed and that was it. Started a search on the net into this matter, found a lot of the same problem (by quite a few people also on previous updates) and a bunch of solutions. I tried all of these, like deleting Edge and re-installing it through Powershell, switching accounts, Edge throubleshooter etc... none of the offered solutions worked.

Today i got so fed up with this that i used recovery to go back to the previous install. Worked like a charm. I'm back on build 14393.rs1_170917-1700, GodMode icon has text again and Edge works like it should be.

Just my 2 cents on the Fall Creators update...
Apr 30, 2016
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Lange_666, I've ran into so many problems, it would take two extra pages to explain into details how this upgrade has been a nightmare on four of my family PCs. I've went back to Windows 7 on three of them, and all runs smooth as silk as they say.

I would bet you will an increase in PC sales here in the next few months all do to the problems owners are having with their computers with the October Creator upgrades, and Microsoft loves this in increase sales.

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