[Windows 10 Action Centre: Network] Lag. Slow report of connectivity. No network list (sometimes, restart fixes)

Jul 25, 2021
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This is an issue that I've been having for a few months after a windows update a while back (more like a windows as a service bug installation).

Basically, after the computer has been running for a while, the action centre's Network option fails to work properly. The module pops up but all it shows is the generic angled wifi symbol in the top left of the module and no networks. There is however 1 drop down menu which when clicked does nothing at all.

This really seems to be a windows bug and I understand that people will wish for specs or other information regarding the network but I'm not willing to divulge that information publicly. The things I will tell you is that I use a wireless internet connection, and I have 2 wireless networks I can connect to that I operate. I have been having consistent wireless internet disconnection issues only within the past few months and I have it narrowed down to 1 of my routers or windows 10 (before I call the ISP which provided me the router with the issue in question I need to completely rule out Windows 10. If I can fix the issue then of course I won't bother them, if we figure out the issue is entirely windows 10 and there's no fix then I'm simply going to need to get an alternative network management program or system [I'm actually interested in a way to do this anyway. Microsoft's method is pretty bad and there are other bugs I want to get to as well that are network user interface related]).

This disconnection issue really does seem to be more windows sided than anything else because whenever it happens, windows really struggles to connect to either of my routers. I know what I'm doing regarding wireless settings so I know it's not my settings or the settings of the non-ISP router, and the intense lag when using the functions of the action centre for what it is designed or the fact that it sometimes does not report the connection or the loss of connection are not issues that I would assume are related to the speed of the computer. These are fairly simple expectations for an operating system, and while I understand that connection lag can delay the reporting of connectivity, I've noticed that I can switch to a web browser, go to a random website and Action Centre: Network will still show that it is trying to connect to the router.

Has anyone else had this issue before? Does it have something to do specifically with the working set in memory of system applications? Any idea on how to make this issue stay away? Anyone have any alternative network management user interface options that can essentially replace the terrible job windows does with this? If you need my machine specifics I'll provide them privately, but even then I think we should be able to tackle this with a more general approach.



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