Windows 10 Automatic Repair Boot Loop

Aug 10, 2017
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When shutting my HP laptop down the other night it did an automatic Windows update. My computer is clean, I have not been on any suspicious sites and I have not downloaded anything other than the stupid Windows update. I let the computer do its thing and went to bed. When I turned it on the next day I got the black screen with the HP logo, it says "Preparing Automatic Repair", it flashes over to "Please wait while we install a system update" the screen goes dark and then it starts going back through the loop again - infinitely. It has been doing this for two days. I cannot even get to a screen where I can start in safe mode. I do not have a Windows 10 disk. My computer originally came with Windows 8 on it and I did the free update to Windows 10 when that was available. My other computer does not have a disk drive so I cannot make a Win 10 disk. How do I get my computer out of this bloody loop without losing everything on it?? I am so frustrated with Windows right now since my computer worked properly when I shut it down and it automatically did the update.


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Nov 19, 2013
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My other computer does not have a disk drive so I cannot make a Win 10 disk.
You can use a USB thumb drive to create bootable media for the problem computer.
The installation media can be obtained through this resource.

Once you have the ISO, you can use Rufus to burn it to a USB ThumbDrive, and use that to boot the problem PC.


When you've managed to boot from the installation media you need to click the Repair Your PC link on the second page after the Choose a Language and Keyboard layout page.
That should get you to the Advanced Troubleshooting options.
From there you can attempt
Startup Repair
System Restore
Startup Settings to see if you can boot the computer into Safe Mode and or Safe Mode with Networking.

Feb 18, 2016
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I use Acronis and Aomei Backupper for creating regular (2 USB HD) system images. I've used Aomei for several years and believe that Aomei is a better program (many will disagree) than Acronis, its user friendly and very versitile.
Aomei Backupper Standard utilities tool box includes, Check image, Explore image, Import / Export Configuration, View Logs, Create Bootable Rescue Media (Linux and Windows PE) for creating on a CD / DVD or USB. Aomei is worthy back up program and worth taking a look at, best of all it's free.

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