Windows 10 - automatic repair sometimes when changing boot in bios.

Feb 19, 2016
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Hello. So i have an Windows 10 Pro. Sometimes when i am changing in bios boot order from USB to HDD ( SDD ) windows starts booting with AUTOMATIC REPAIR and then restarting. Is this something with BIOS \ Windows 10 bug related? Tested on pc and on laptop , and sometimes it doing the same so its not related to faulty hardware.

On Pc it was :
When starting Windows 10 boot loader starts by "preparing automatic repair" and diagnosing pc. Interesting is that if I restart Windows (after procedure mentioned earlier) it will boot normally. This startup problem occurs only when starting system again after shutdown or restarting from Windows. So i was need two boots to boot properly to system. When on second boot i succesfully boot to Windows. That happened after changing in bios boot order from USB to SSD.

Ssd Samsung Evo 250 GB
16gb DDR3 2x8 gb 1600mhz Hyperx

On laptop:
The same problem but happened once ( weird ) . So when was i changed in bios boot order from USB to HDD , automatic repair showned at 1 boot. Weirdly that on laptop it happened once and is not reproducable. I cant understand only why on laptop is not reproducable. It happened once and thats all . I cant reproduce this. I am trying again changing boot order, restarting laptop but windows booting still properly no matter what. So why it happened once ?
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