Windows 10 Freezes randomly Minidump/Verifier file added

Oct 27, 2015
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I get these random freezes since I've updated to Windows 10. Did not happen with Windows 7. Freezes are random and take about 10-15sec each time. Driver Verifier causes BSOD.

MiniDump from Driver Verifier:!218&authkey=!ADeslHmeos0SJzE&ithint=file,dmp

MSInfo saved file:!219&authkey=!AEjosYPn7doNs_w&ithint=file,nfo

Anybody whom could please help me find the problematic driver/cause?

Best regards,
/Nader Iano


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Nov 19, 2013
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Not sure why you are running Driver Verifier. That's usually a last resort after multiple BSODs fail to identify a particular driver.
Have you been having multiple BSODs?
If not turn off Driver Verifier and use another diagnostic approach.
Try running the computer in Safe Mode with Networking for a while and see if the hangs or freezes continue.
Try booting your machine in a Clean Boot configuration and see if the hangs or freezes continue.
The .nfo file might be somewhat helpful if you zip it up and attach it to your next post. As it is, on your OneDrive it is not very helpful.

IF you are overclocking anything (CPU, GPU, Memory, etc.,) please return those settings to normal defaults.
If you have any overclocking software installed (EasyTune, or the Asus equivalent which has OverDrive in its' name) uninstall them.
If you have any third party security suites installed, uninstall them and then use their respective vendor specific proprietary removal tools to get rid of all remnants.

It could be a driver....
atikmpag.sys is getting pointed out in the stack. That might just be because of Driver Verifier, but.....
If it is an integrated Video card, please use the driver from the computer manufacturer or the driver from the motherboard manufacturer and see if that helps.
There is also a minor mention of the storage controller, I suspect that, that is because of Driver Verifier but......

Just in case, make sure all your drivers for your mainboard are up to date and the latest available from the board manufacturer (BIOS, Chipset, Storage, etc., etc., etc.,).

Also sometime CCC (Catalyst Control Center) can cause some issues.
John has an excellent article here
discussing how to install the drivers only without the whole CCC suite in the mix.
I would recommend perhaps using something like DDU from here
To clean things up before installing

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