windows 10 goes to sleep but cpu does not

Nov 18, 2015
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When ever I leave my system on, windows goes to sleep but the cpu remains on fan's running and all but when you try to wake the system up nothing works the only way is to hold the cpu power button down till the system completely shuts down. Was running windows 7



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Nov 19, 2013
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Hello and welcome to the forum.
I suspect that months, if not years from now, we'll still be seeing issues with Windows 10 and various problems with respect to Energy / Power Saving configurations.
It is my belief that some hardware, especially older hardware cannot properly interpret some of the new Windows 10 APIs for power saving settings.

If you are currently using a power plan that is a product of your System Manufacturer's idea of a power plan, you should switch to one of the native power schemes (High Performance, Balanced or Power saver) and then look through every one of the advanced options for the plan you choose and make sure that you have configured it exactly in the manner in which you want your computer to behave.
I also suggest that you avoid anything referencing "Hybrid Sleep" if that shows in your plan schema.

Additionally, make sure that all your system drivers are up to date with the most recent available for your specific devices (BIOS, Chipset, Storage Controllers, Video, Audio, Network, etc., etc.)
And check device manager to make sure especially regarding your keyboard and mouse (also check HID... human interface devices) that the properties of each, under the power management tab have the box checked that says "Allow this device to wake computer"

Personally I loathe all things "Power savings" related. My desktop turns off, when I physically turn it off otherwise it remains on. The only concession I make is my Screensaver "blank" kicks in at 20 minutes and the monitors turn off at 25 minutes. Other than that, I'm the "power saver".

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