Windows 10 "Shutting down" without any given reason

Jan 29, 2017
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I recently bought a new computer and a separate copy of windows 10 on Christmas. Everything worked fine for the first 10 days but eventually I had to re-download windows 10 and factory reset my computer because of a "Preparing Windows 10" problem that would make booting up my computer longer than it should be. When it finally started up it would take me to a temporary account where I can access my software (like they were freshly downloaded) but not my files, now I have a different problem.

After booting up my computer everything runs slowly and after about 10 minutes of my computer running it shuts down for no given reason. I'll try to give details about what happens when it shuts down. For a second or two the screen stutters and goes back and forth from the normal screen to a black screen, often times minimising any tabs or software that I have open, then it just shuts down. The audio also stutters and I can only describe it like if you cropped a clip of audio down to half a second and play that on a loop.the fans will sometimes kick in and will produce a lot more noise then when I'm using it on full load (playing graphics intensive games), Pressing and holding the power button seems to help turn the fans off so what I think is 1. the computer isn't really shutting down but is just not being responsive and 2. this problem could be related to my Graphics card and/or monitor as I don't have any AMD Softwares for my AMD free-sync compatible monitor or my AMD graphics card like how I used to. Is there a solution out there that doesn't include factory resetting my computer again or buying new computer parts?


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Nov 19, 2013
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I recently bought a new computer and a separate copy of windows 10 on Christmas
And since that time you've had to reset it / re-install Windows and now it's shutting down for no apparent reason.
Christmas was only a little more than a month ago.....
I think I would be looking into returning that computer for a replacement or a full refund.
I don't think that you should assume the responsibility for resolving issues that are not of your making. I think that should be the job of the Seller / Vendor and or the Computer Manufacturer.

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