Windows 10 sleep function not working

Feb 4, 2018
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Hello all.
I used some time on my setup to find out why my computer can’t go to sleep.
I tried all things that where mensioned on the net, with power settings, but nothing worked.
I then took all my connections away and thought maybe it is a USB unit that prevent my computer from going to sleep. And yes it was - my CW Keyer on USB port was the failing part.
I found out that inside my keyer, there is a Arduino Nano, and that unit used the chinese chip CH340.
Taking that driver out of the device driver - and all is working ok.
Can’t find a CH340 driver that prevent Windows failure.
My advise: Don’t buy USB devices with CH340 - buy with FTDI chip the original.
Hope this information can help others :)
Best regards OZ7LM Leif


Feb 18, 2016
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Good advice! I usually buy Verbatim or Kingston sticks, never had any problems.
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