SOLVED Windows 10 was working fine but then got corrupted

Aug 27, 2015
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So a couple of days ago I started up Windows 10 and left the computer on the login screen for a few minutes, and when I came back the computer had glitched out, and upon restarting the computer I found out that it was corrupted. I have tried to reset Windows 10 and keep my files, but it tells me that the files for doing that are corrupted. I never set a system image to go to so that won't work either. I don't know if a system restore will help, but after I select a restore point it tells gives me an error message that says, "You must enable system protection on this drive". The only solution I've come across to for this problem is to enable it from the command line in the trouble shot menu, but those instructions were for windows 7 ( ) and I don"t know if I followed them correctly. Can someone tell me how to enable system protection form the command line, or if there are no other options, how to access the files on windows 10?


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