Windows app corrupted

May 16, 2017
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I tried all things step by step utub that everyone on here said to try latest comment I believe was Jan 2017 by woohoo and no reply as I see Oh please help I have a deadline and can't use computer. It freezes up and keyboard don't work half the time. Going crazy over anything electronic


Mar 4, 2016
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Hi Shantell,

Welcome to the Forum.

We'll need some more information from you to be able to help.
  • Is your computer a Desktop, Laptop?
  • What brand and model number is it? (e.g. HP p6795a).
    • If you are not sure, press your Windows key + R key together to open run dialog
    • In the run dialog type msinfo32 then click OK
    • In the window that opens you'll see the information as in sample image below:

  • Also in the run dialog could you type winver and click OK and let us know what Version and OS Build of Windows 10 you are currently on. For example: Windows 10 Home, Version 1703, (OS Build 15063.296)
  • You stated your keyboard will not work, and computer is freezing, but what did you mean by Windows app corrupted? Which app is corrupted? Are you getting a specific error telling you its corrupted?
  • Finally, what third party programs are you running on your computer?
    • Third party security programs? e.g. Malwarebytes, Norton, McAfee, Trend Micro etc
    • Third party picture viewers? e.g. Infran
    • Third party text readers? e.g. Adobe Acrobat reader, PDF Editor,
    • Anything else that is not normally installed with Windows

I am assuming you can logon to Windows Desktop, and at least for a short while use the computer. If even that is not possible let us know. If you can, how long does it take before it freezes on you?
Apr 22, 2017
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HI Shantell,

have you also tried: Start button > Settings > Update & security > Troubleshoot?: :)


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