"Windows cannot access [Computer A]"


Jun 8, 2016
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Our ISP gateway died and I replaced it a couple of days ago. At first, all the computers in our all-Windows 10 workgroup showed in and were accessible from the network file explorer. After a few hours, one ("Computer A") stopped being accessible even though it shows on the network list of computers. The other computers all remain accessible to each other. The error message we receive when we click on Computer A in the list is the standard "Windows cannot access [\\Computer A] ...etc." I tried \\Computer A directly and got the same message. I can ping it, though. Oddly, Computer A shows under Media Devices in the other computers' network lists, and one can open A's media player from it. Also, another computer in the network has an application which can access a shared folder on Computer A to open files in that folder.

I have tried a large number of suggested cures offered online, but without success. Any more ideas?


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