Windows Live Mail goes to blue screen when trying to connect.

Mar 10, 2019
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I have Windows 10 Home. I believe that an update was done recently. The first time I opened Windows Live Mail a message box appeared stating something about installing an update. Then and every time I try to run it the window opens, displays the inbox and when it goes to connect to the server I get a blue screen that says a problem has occurred and it is gathering information. At the bottom of the page is a Q-code and next to it a code is given: IRQL not less than or equal. Then it reboots the PC. How fix this?
Jun 2, 2018
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Hi Bob73
You can try to repair system files of Windows by use the "image-health" tool.
It uses original windows "Dism" commands to "fix" your system, it is simple to use, but not fast...

Download the image-health_17.01.05.7z file (Thank to Kyhi) ...

Once in your PC, unzip it by clicking 2 times on it and then extract it where you want (on the desktop, it's easier to find later), it will create a folder "image-health_17.01.05"...

(If you are having trouble decompressing the file, you will find 7zip totally free for almost all the compressed files in Windows.)

Open the folder creates and launch "ImageHealth.cmd", accept by "Yes" to "Admin access" then choose the options, the tool make a report txt file on the desktop...
  1. Option 1, wait the end (while take some times
  2. Option 2, wait until the end...
  3. Option 5, wait until the end...
  4. Option 7 (famous Sfc /scannow), wait until the end...
  5. Option 0 to quit and making a report file on the desktop.
  6. Restart your computer.

I hope this will solve your worries. If not, maybee an faulty hardware (RAM) cause your worrie.
Nov 19, 2013
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As you probaby are aware, Windows live mail is redundant. It can be made to run in Windows10, as you have done, but I suspect an update, which must be quite old, has destryed the compatibility. You option may be yo try and reinstall WLM

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