2004 Update broke home network etc.

Apr 28, 2020
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Just passing on my experience. As expected with any WIndows Update, at least based on my experience, I've already had 2 issues.

1. My tablet was no longer able to communicate to my desktop PCs through wifi. Same with peers, not recognized or asked for Credentials that didn't exist.

Solution: reset network on both desktops, restart, say yes to make PC discoverable, and in my case go to Network Sharing and uncheck use password under all computers. (I have hardware and software firewalls. My data files are secured on other HDDs and backedup on external drives which are powered off). System is imaged and I use a VPN for online banking. All that to avoid hearing "you don't use passwords!".

2. I have a registry tweak to remove all folders from My Computer/This computer. The update undid all these tweaks. So just redid them.

I'm sure there are other things broken just waiting to be encountered.

My OS: Windows 10 Pro OEM 64 bit.


Sep 26, 2017
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2. It's a thing that one has to be aware of and know it will happen that most customizations get set to the defaults with each succeeding Version Upgrade [twice a year so far]. Haven't seen the Build updates get that aggressive.

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