After today's update, stuff has gone whacky!

Dec 28, 2017
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I just installed the latest update and when my computer booted up, the first thing I noticed was my displays changed. I use two monitors and my main display had no icons and everything was popping up on my other display. So in order to fix that I had to go to my display settings. So I right click the desktop, bring up display, scroll down to "make this my main display" and the page scrolls right back to the top on it's own. I can not click "make this my main display" because as soon as I let go of the mouse wheel, or scroll bar on the right, it scrolls right back up all by itself. Very frustrating. I learned that if I press the cntrl key after I scroll, or during my scroll, it stops the scroll. So I was able to check that box eventually. But I shouldn't have to use the cntrl key everytime I need to scroll down. I've tried a different mouse and get the same results. Thinking maybe it's a coinkidink that it happened at the same time as the update. But no, that's not the case. It doesn't do it in every app either. It doesn't do it in file explorer. Or on websites, like here it's working just fine. Only when I bring up display. Also it's doing it in uTorrent. I haven't seen it happen anywhere else yet. What should I do? Go back before the update? Also my "run" is not working as I was going to try to use that to go back. It won't let me delete what's in there and type something different. And when I do windows + I to bring up settings that is also automatically scrolling back up when I scroll down. So it appears to be a whole slew of issues with this update. Please help!
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