After windows 10 installation laptop doesn't turn off or restart

Feb 7, 2017
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Hi, everyone. Alexis is here.

CPU Inter Core i3 2310M @ 2.10GHz
Motherboard Lenovo emerald Lake
Generic PnP Monitor
Intel HD Graphics 3000 (lenovo)
1023 MB NVIDIA GeForce GT 525M (lenovo)
BIOS (brand lenovo)
Version 44CN28WW
Date 2/22/2011

I've installed clean windows 10 via usb, but laptop can't be turned off or restart. For example: after clicking Power->Restart, laptop closes apps, shows "Restarting your PC" and then just black screen and it still works I see it and hear.
Also, I can't enter BIOS, I pressed F2, as I usually did, no reaction.
I saw, there are many posts with the same issue, people often say, that it's driver or hardware incompatibility with windows 10. I tried many of the solutions, I saw.

There are some, that I can't perform:
First is to Disable internal graphics in BIOS, because I can't enter BIOS.
Second is written here:
1. uninstall intel management engine 11.x driver, and install 9.x driver for windows 8. 2.turn of hybrid shut down as described here, or use “powercfg -h off” cmd command. 3. go to device manager, navigate to Universal Serial Bus Controllers, select “generic usb hub” and all other listed devices, open their properties, click on Power Management tab, and opt out “allow this computer to turn off….” press ok.CPU. Can't perform this method, because while installing Management Engine 9.5.24 I get message: "Your platform isn't supported".

Any advices on how to turn off laptop or restart as intended; How to enter BIOS or install Management Engine?
Thanks in advance!


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Nov 19, 2013
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Close all open windows and save your work.
Open a Command Prompt window and in the command prompt window type
shutdown /s /t 00
hit enter
does the computer shutdown?
Open a Command Prompt window and in the command prompt window type
shutdown /r /t 00
hit enter
does the computer restart?
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