Apps only partially clear when closed, leaving divided screen

Jul 31, 2015
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I use Windows 10 pro on a desktop PC,
Since the anniversary update, when I try to dismiss / close any application, instead of clearing, leaving just the desktop screen, it stays, with a small, rectangular section (about 1/3) of the desktop screen sitting on top. This is located top left of the screen.
A screen shot of the problem is attached, unfortunately, it only shows the desktop part - the application itself which is sitting behind it is lost in the screen shot.
The only way to recover from this is to use the "show desktop" button (bottom, extreme right of taskbar)
The next time I use an application, the same thing happens.
The problem is intermittent and I can't tie it to any particular event.
I have installed the latest Display Adapter Drivers to no effect.

Any advice or sudwbowyer15 @gmail . comestions welcome.
Screen Splitting.jpg
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