are my recovery partitions in the wrong locaions ?

Discussion in 'Windows 10 Support' started by davidhk129, Feb 24, 2015.

  1. davidhk129


    Nov 20, 2013
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    Brief background history. Please bear with me.......
    This computer used to be dual booting Win 8.1 Pro and Win 10 TP since build 9841 up to 9926. It had been running fine.
    A few days ago, I tried a Refresh on Win 8.1 Pro and something messed up. I could not access Win 10 TP anymore. I must had further messed up real bad, because when I rebooted, it said Operating System Missing.
    I reinstalled Win 8.1 Pro, shrunk the partition for Win 10 TP, set the boot sequence to DVD/CD, inserted the Win 10 9926 DVD and rebooted.
    The computer went straight to Win 8.1.
    I tried another 9926 bootable DVD, same result.
    I tried a 9926 bootable USB, still no go.
    Since I have decided to use Win 10 in this computer anyway, I just simply inserted the 9926 DVD, clicked Setup.exe and proceeded to install Win 10 9926 over the Win 8.1.
    That went smoothly.
    Now I have only 9926 running in this computer.
    However, the fact that I failed to do dual boot bugs me.
    I went to disk management and the partitions did not look right to me.
    Have a look at the screenshot. Are the Recovery partitions in the correct place ?

    Last edited: Feb 24, 2015
    davidhk129, Feb 24, 2015
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  2. davidhk129

    bassfisher6522 Moderator

    Sep 22, 2014
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    You're not the first one I've seen tell about this issue. I think it's something to do with windows 10 thinking it's the active primary OS and over writing the MBR of any dual boot setup combination. When a the original primary OS is going through a refresh, that's when the monkey wrench is tossed in but only on a refresh. I have no conclusive evidence to support my theory but seems to be a recurring theme for some.

    I choose to go solo with 10 a few months back ditching 8.1 Pro completely....other then the few hiccups here and there and MS wanting to install old or unwanted drivers, which we can't control right now, it's been a very pleasant experience so far.
    bassfisher6522, Feb 28, 2015
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