Creators update fails with 0x8007001f

Jun 26, 2016
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My Windows 10 system is up to date version 1607.

When I try to install Creators Update through the Windows Upgrade tool it fails with error message 0x8007001f. It also fails if I try to upgrade through the Media Creation Tool.

I have run the update trouble shooter and sound trouble shooter as suggested by a few people which found and corrected a couple of issues but no difference. I have uninstalled my Avast anti-virus and no change.

My system is a desktop PC with i5, 24GB RAM. The OS is on a SSD with other programs and files on a normal hard disk.

I am guessing there is a log of the install which will tell me what is stopping the upgrade. How can I find and identify the problem? I really do NOT want to do a clean install.

Any help appreciated.



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Nov 19, 2013
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That error would seem to have been around for a long time and has been associated with driver issues (specifically audio drivers) as well as profile issues.
Since you mention
The OS is on a SSD with other programs and files on a normal hard disk.
IF you have relocated your "Profile" folder or everyone's "Profile" folder off from the C: drive, that might be a consideration.
Relocating the subcontainers is not an issue but Microsoft warns against moving the entire primary folder(s).
You might try.....
Downloading the ISO for the creators update
Saving that to a common (new) folder in the root of C:\ temporarily.
Enable the hidden Administrator account from an Admin Command Prompt type
net user administrator /active:yes
hit enter
reboot and login to the Administrator account.
Locate the ISO that you saved earlier and double click it to mount it as a virtual drive and run Setup.exe from there to see if the in-place upgrade to the Creators Update will complete successfully using that method.

NOTE: This would assume that when activating the hidden Administrator account, that "Profile" folder is created as normal under C:\Users\Administrator.

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