SOLVED Fall Creators Update Crash With Installation


Simon Cook

When the new update came, my computer installed it perfectly without any major issues, but the graphics were off. I then installed my Graphic Card Drivers, but I dealt with a networking issue where the internet did not work and reinstalled the networking drivers from a disc. However, during the installation, the computer gave me a :( face with a code that stated "Stop code:DRIVER IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUAL What I failed: rtwlawanu.sys". I tried Startup Repair, but it didn't work. I then tried booting the computer into safe mode, but the blue screen with the same error still occurred at a later time. Even after restarting the computers, I still can't get to normal mode, so I am looking for a way to get into Windows without an error. I have also tried safe mode with networking, and it lets me boot up to safe mode. However, one time I tried to boot up, it gave me a blue lined screen.


What steps can I do to fix this issue?

Hardware info:
Anewkodi Wifi Adapter
Graphics card driver can be found here:

Simon Cook

Ok. Actually, I found out there is a way to solve this without installation. These are the instructions for further reference:
1. Boot to safe mode.
2. Uninstall Network drivers using device manger
3. Reboot to Windows
4. Find latest version of drivers and download.

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