Edge Intermittently Fails to Load Favorites

Jul 31, 2015
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As per thread title, Edge browser intermittently fails to load (or more accurately, fully load) my favorites, showing only the top level of the folder structure I use to structure my favorites, except on the Favorites Bar where it will show the 'freestanding' favorites.

Windows installation is Build 1803 having recently reinstalled 1709 and updated through Windows Update. Edge is default browser with no others installed (except Internet Explorer of course, lurking in the background). Fault is intermittent (about 50% of the time?) and only seems to have started in the last 24 hours. If favorites do load correctly, then they stay there while that browser window is active, irrespective of how many tabs I open. Conversely, if favorites do not load correctly, then that remains the case for the life of that Edge session.

Any help would be appreciated


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