File History Stops Working

Nov 21, 2016
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I upgraded my Windows 7 PC to Windows 10 last summer. Alas, the Memeo backup program that I ran successfully with Windows 7 on a WD external hard drive will not run on Windows 10.

I bought a new 3TB WD external drive specifically to back up my PC. It is hardwired to the PC. After trying various backup programs without success including "File History"- twice! - and "Backup and Restore", the drive was so full that nothing worked at all. Yesterday, I deleted all the data off the drive and uninstalled all 3rd party backup programs on my PC.

At 3:15 PM on 11/20, I started a "File History" backup set to run every 10 minutes and save data "forever." (Not clear what that means when WD drive is full....) By about 7:30 PM, the backup seemed complete, including my "Dropbox" that I had added as a folder. I checked it out. "File History" made another backup copy of an Excel file that I updated (in "Dropbox") and backed up a Word test file (in "Documents"). Success!

Around midnight, I was doing some work that involved downloading two zip files. I put each in a new folder in my "Documents" folder. At one point I renamed the first new folder.

This morning, although there was a backup at 12:49 AM on 11/21, the first folder was not renamed and the second folder does not appear in the backup at all. At 8:57 AM, I created a second test Word document and saved it in "Documents." At 9:26 AM, the zip file folders created the night before still had not been properly backed up (one not at all and the other without its new name) and the Word file created at 8:57 AM was not backed up - EVEN THOUGH THE BACKUP IS SET TO RUN EVERY 10 MINUTES.

At 9:29 AM I clicked "Backup Now". At 9:34 AM the new test Word document was backed up, but the folders with the zip files were not backed up. I just checked again at 1:53 PM. Still no zip file folder backup.

I checked "Event Viewer" after seeing it mentioned in another thread. All it does is post an alert that a .pst file can't be backed up (because Outlook is open) and then later post a message that it was successfully backed up. No mention of the inability to backup the folders I created last night that include my zip files.

This failure to backup at all, or to back up completely, is what I recall from my failed efforts with "File History" back in June when I upgraded to Windows 10 and again in October when I realized it wasn't working properly. Is this a truly awful Microsoft product, or am I doing something wrong?

Thanks for any advice.

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