For Anyone Running W10 (via Boot Camp) On A Mac ?

Dec 4, 2017
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Have tried to resolve this via the Apple Community Forums, and the various Mac Forum with no luck.
Finally dawned on my that probably many of you folks probably use Windows10 via a Bootcamp install
with a Mac, and switch back and forth.

If anyone has any thoughts on this, would really be appreciative:

"Would like to take one more stab with this, as I believe I have tried most everything and anything.

The amount of time I've put into this is considerable.

In my 80's now, and although I can probably do it, would truly love to not have

to take the unit back to an Apple store. Our nearest one is closed for the summer, remodeling.

So, some history:

Installed W10 using Bootcamp.

Got the new Windows Activation Lic. they wanted also.

W10 seems to be working just fine. No apparent problems.

But, nothing I've tried allows me to get back to the Mac OS side.

a. Have tried, many, many times, re-starting holding down the alt key, the start key, both together,

etc. Seems to have no effect. Using a Logitech 780 wireless keyboard. Have also tried a wired keyboard.

The Apple keyboard seems to do nothing. It said it is recognized [not the exact wording], but has no effect.

(it does ask me for my PIN each time it re-starts; have tried holding all these keys down

both before and after the login PIN screen appears.)

b. There is no Bootcamp Control Panel (icon) anywhere.

Not on the Taskbar, or in the ^pop up additionals.

If I go to Settings, and the Personalize options, hoping to select Boot Camp Control Panel for the task bar,

it does not show in the list of items you can place on the taskbar, or anywhere. Do a search for Boot Camp

and/or Boot camp control panel does nothing. Also tried searching as one word; bootcamp.

c. I am truly out of ideas. If I wanted a W10 pc, as my wife points out, continually, we would have bought a dedicated one.

We really want to be able to use the Mac OS again.

Either solely, and we won't ever try the Windows side.

Or, what really would be nice, would be to use both, as intended.

It is hard not to believe there is something, simple, as usual, that I am missing.

Any thoughts would be most appreciated.


Sep 26, 2017
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Only thing I can offer is a question. Have you tried running Win10 on the Mac using VMWare or Parallels virtual machine software? The use of boot camp does suggest dual-booting which is different from a virtual machine. Dual-booting usually means making a choice of the Operating System desired when starting the computer while something like VMWare lets opening a second OS without having to reboot. But then it has been a few years since I helped a client set up such a scenario on her Mac using WinXP.

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