SOLVED Help me please with removing icons.

Aug 18, 2015
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Are there any regedit settings or a Windows 10 taskbar tweaker like that of Windows 7 that can perform the following as I have searched in vain and found nothing so far.
Simply, I would like to remove permanently (not disable) from the far right of the taskbar the "show hidden icons arrow" and the "peek at desktop" bar so that there is nothing at all on my taskbar except for the Windows 10 start button on the far left. Auto-hiding the taskbar is not what I'm looking for. Please reply only if you have done this or know of a workaround as I asked sometime ago and didn't get any joy!

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Mar 4, 2016
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You could achieve this coding a VB script and placing that in your Startup folder, so as your computer loads it would remove the LNK's you do not want to see on the taskbar.

In my opinion this would be the best method as it would allow the User to repin links should they change their mind later.

I'll need to make time to write a code for you if you want to go down that route, so before making that time let me know if you want to do that, or whether you prefer to do as you requested permanently make them gone.

A reminder though, I really don't think the permanent option is a wise move as that action may affect other actions later which you will want available.

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