How do I get Windows 10 to see, and allow access to the enhanced section of two different CD Singles from 2006.

Nov 2, 2022
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Windows 10

ASUS VivoBook 15

ASUS External Slimline USB DVD-RW

How do I get Windows 10 to see, and allow access to the enhanced section of two different CD Singles from 2006.

I have asked this question in MS Community Windows forum but I am not getting any replies and I do not know how to delete my post there.

These CD Singles have a Enhanced section (as well as the normal music) that contains user accessable Videos, Pictures and Artist related software that the user can copy to thier computer.

When I insert either CD in my external DVD-RW windows 10 sees the audio files but not the enhanced section and auto-run does not work.

So there are no misunderstandings, the Enhanced data sections should show in Windows as a folder like the one below from a 2009 CD Single

I have many other CD Singles from 2009 onwards and the work fine.

I have tried using apps like CDClone, ISO Buster, IMG Burn to make a image and try and open the enhanced part from my disk drive but none of these programs see the enhanced/data sections.

When I drop the Cue file from IMG Burn onto Notepad it shows that a data track does exist...

CATALOG 0602517130500
FILE "Image.bin" BINARY
ISRC GBUM70501024
INDEX 01 00:00:00
ISRC GBUM70604742
INDEX 00 03:35:68
INDEX 01 03:37:51
ISRC GBUM70605076
INDEX 00 06:54:23
INDEX 01 06:56:06
ISRC GBUM70604743
INDEX 00 11:03:26
INDEX 01 11:05:09

Also in case it helps, the following information is taken from a file one one of the later CDs that do work

"The PC version also includes an autorun.inf file which makes the U-MYX player automatically launch when the disk is inserted.

What Will We Deliver?

We can deliver a single-session hybrid disk which contains two separate data layers – one for Windows computers and another one for MacOS computers. Because the disk has two data layers (ISO and HFS), Windows users will not see the MacOS executable (and likewise, MacOS users will not see the Windows executable).

What is the Next Step?

When you have received the disc from us you will need to supply it to your manufacturers, they can then combine the enhanced session that we have created with the audio data from your CD (creating an Enhanced CD). If your manufacturers require any further assistance, please put them in contact with us."

Thanks as this have been fraustrating me for months now.

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