Hp Envy Laptop Won't Accept Password To Open

Mar 22, 2016
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My hp envy now wants a password, after not needing one when I chose the button to not require a password in the windows settings. Now it won't accept any password, even after I went into microsoft account on another computer, got a code, updated password. Still won't accept password. I am not tech savvy, and just need to get into my laptop!



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Nov 19, 2013
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Hello and welcome to the forum.
We hear quite often of these password issues and honestly I don't think anyone knows what is producing them.
All I can suggest is that you look carefully at the sign in screen and ....
1. See if there is any link to adjust "language"... (sometimes, for some reason the keyboard layout gets fubar'd)
2. Look at the Account Name and confirm that it is asking you for the password for the account you're expecting to use (local or Microsoft).
3. Use the "Eye" icon in the password text box to inspect the password entry and confirm that it is being entered exactly as you are typing it (case sensitive).
4. Attempt to use the on screen keyboard from the ease of access icon on the sign in screen to enter the password.

Failing that... IT is likely to take a fair amount of tech savvy or at least some third party software to enable the hidden Administrator account, to allow you access to your computer through that account and then sorting out your other account password issues from within that account.

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