SOLVED Initial Issues with a "Clean Install" Using ISO on USB Drive

Jul 29, 2015
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Just wanted to inform member about a very interesting thing that happened to me doing a clean install this morning.

  1. I had downloaded the 3.10GB 64-Bit Pro ISO file using the "Media Creation Tool" and used Rufus 2.2 to burn it to a USB Flash drive. I had originally used the download to do an "upgrade" install through Windows Logo and that went fine. System seemed a little too pokey for me so I decided to do a clean install. :(
  2. The install would start from boot-up and start loading files til about 11-12 percent and then I got that error message stating the file could not be installed. Tried this THREE times and always the same result. I was a little miffed to say the least. o_O
  3. Then I remembered about the link for the other ISO download via:
    which is a 3.802GB in size ISO file for the 64-Bit Home / Pro version. I burned this to the same USB Flash Drive using Rufus again and the install went without a hitch. The install does give a choice between installing either Pro or Home, you just select the version you need which matched your old version of Windows 7, 8, or 8.1. I skipped the "KEY" part until it was all installed and on the final boot I entered the key everyone gets for a Pro version which ends in "-3V66T".
  4. I then installed all my drivers in the correct order while disconnected from the internet, then connected to the internet and the online activation went through without a single hitch and all is good now. :D
So therefore if anyone want to do a clean install and have had the issue I had, try this other ISO file instead... it works! :cool:

Nibs ;)


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