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Jul 13, 2016
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I have a problem with the intern microphone on my laptop. This is the conclusion I've made because the Voice recorder doesn't works, my Skype contacts can't hear me, Audacity doesn't record etc...

The fact that drives me crazy in this case, is the fact that the problem isn't consistent. One day there is no problem and the other day, there it is! The inconsistency exist even during a day time.

I've update the driver, uninstalled the driver, used all the Device Manager possibilities, attempted every trick I could find on the internet … nothing helps to eliminate the problem.

I already cut my hair to 8 mm so I can't grab it …
Now I'm looking for someone who can save me from breaking the world record laptop throwing :)

Many thanks in advance.


Apr 22, 2017
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HI fungus1948,

have you checked Start menu > Control Panel > Sound > Recording to see what your default mic is?: :)

sound microphone.JPG
Jul 13, 2016
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Thanks for the response ,Wolfie

I checked that parameter and all the other parameters I could find . There were no malfunctions indicated as far as I can see ( I'm not a IT specialist ...)

As I wrote before, the problem is inconsistent ( exist several months; probably It started with the Win 10 installation). Yesterday morning the problem was still there. Then all of the sudden the problem was gone. In the evening I made a Skype contact and I discovered the problem was back.
The last two days, the situation changed constantly.

Maybe it helps when I give more relevant information:
Laptop :
Dell Inspiron 1750
processor : pentium (R)Dual Core T4440
system type : 64 bit operator system , x 64 based processor
Device Manager – audio inputs and outputs – Microphone – properties -
► General: this device works properly
► Driver : version 10.0.14393.0
► Driver Details : no driver files are required or have been loaded for this device ???
► Events :
23/07/2017 18:58:38 Device configured
23/07/2017 18:58:38 Device started
!!! notice the fact that this are the only events in this sub menu and they happened the day I did the "uninstalled driver" .
Device Manager – sound , video and game controllers- High definition audio device – properties
► Driver details:

Why the difference between the sub menus; normal or not ?

► Events : much more events are registered ( from earlier date ) under this sub menu, why the difference ? ( if it can help, I'll make a list )

I must say that I'm not the only one with this problem. I know people who has the same problem.
We and others, think it is a "driver" problem (?). The question is: why does it works now and then ? What's the factor that deactivated the microphone ?
Laptop and system "old age" problem ?
Oct 1, 2014
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You probably know but Dell does not supply Win 10 drivers for that system. That being the case, do you know what manufacturer the audio components belong to? The Dell site shows Win 7 drivers for two sound devices, the Creative Labs Sound Blaster X-Fi or IDT 92HD71B.

IDT appears to be out of business but there are some IDT drivers on the Microsoft Catalog site.

Since it appears to be random have you tried using the Sound Recorder to test the Microphone? Have you run the Skype test to check sound? Which Skype version are you using, the old desktop version or the Win 10 version? Windows 10
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Jul 13, 2016
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@saltgras - @ Wolfie
Thanks for thinking with me,

Testing the Mic:
Being the case it can be done in several way's, I prefer to do the test first with :
► pop up screen “ Sound “ so I can see if the indicator blocks are coloured green and “moving”
or /and
► Voice Recorder ( = easy and fast control )
► Audacity ( = a recording program )

And then finally the Skype Echo test ( hoping to avoid one direction communication and two frustrated people on each site of the line ).

There was a time in the past I taught the problem was lying in the Skype environment. Now I have the experience, Skype always works fine when the other tests are positive ( so frequently I even skip the Skype Echo test ) .
Skype version: I have/use the old and new version ( 11.19.820.0 ) ►same result with both concerning the Mic. problem.

Here some extra info points and screens.
The main issue is to find the factor that's stop's the Microphone from working.
I know there is now driver support for WIN 10 but being the case there is a driver and it works at random, there must been something that blocks the driver.
So, how can I find that blocking factor? Is there a registry item I can check on a on /off situation ?

What I did:
" use this device (enable)" ► using that button activated the Mic. only one time. Never again after that ( probably coincidence)


I changed the sample rate and bit depth and deactivated the exclusive mode

Is it right to claim : the fact the indicator is green but not moving, implicates that the Microphone is receiving a signal but doesn't works ?
I conclude this because the green blocks are changing when I change the sample rate and bit depth and Microphone Boost to 20dB (???)




sfc/scannow ► no problems


Win 10 version

The battle goes on but I hope to find a soldier who is smarter than me :)

( apologies for my English, it's not my native languages)


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Apr 22, 2017
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The first thing I would do is upgrade to version 1703, you have 1607 installed!. ;)


Jul 13, 2016
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( I'm still around , but with a little delay due a surgical intervention )

Concerning Update Win 10:
I've checked and searched for updates. The “windows -website- answer” says all the updates are done.

My update setting is “automatic” and the Update History indicates the latest update was Yesterday.

So, It seemed a bit odd to me and I've made a comparison with the Update History of an other computer. This comparison indicated that there is a big difference in updates. The only reason I can think of, is the difference between the computers ( software , hardware , age etc...)

In any case I'm going to try to become an update to the version 1703, but first I'm going to take a full backup to be sure I still have a workable computer at the end ...

The microphone problem :
I could say “ hallelujah” I found it … and yes I did …

The fact I found it has nothing to do with wisdom or knowledge but it was pure luck. Whilst I had a Skype conversation with my daughter, I putted the laptop screen on a different angle and the microphone sound indicator dropped completely down.
By moving the screen up and down it was obvious the problem is not a software problem but a hardware /connection problem. ( probably also related to the old age of the laptop).
So it is a “ halle” without the “ lujah” because the problem is only going to increase in frequency …

One thing about the Microphone Boost setting : 20% was to high ( 10% is fine); the sound with 20% boost is messy.

Thanks for the support.
Kind Regards,

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