Is it possible to change how one sees Favorites/bookmarks in Edge?

Jul 29, 2015
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As much as I may like change and often embrace it, it is not always the case. Now it's how I see my favorites in Edge--I hate it. Besides being located where I don't want it to be (my mouse is often not on the right of the screen therefore is further away from where it usually is) I also don't like how it works. Why can't folders cascade? one must open a folder? Really? I'd like it the way it was--or is in Explorer or Firefox.

At times it is just a question of getting used to something which is new. And I realize this and I do so. But in this case, no, absolutely not. I'd rather uninstall or stop using Edge altogether if I can not do so.
If I liked such things I'd be using Chrome (which I sometimes do).


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