[Issue] 802.1x Radius

Jun 10, 2020
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Issue: We are having trouble on machines where the Machine Authentication succeeds and the machine VLAN is assigned but after login the User Authentication also succeeds but the VLAN is not assigned (machine and user VLANs are different). We have noticed that this issue started when installing any of the Windows 10 cumulative update 2020-01 till 2020-06, which we are currently rolling back the update for the time being until we solve the issue. When disconnect and reconnecting the network cable the machine re-authenticates and get the appropriate VLAN successfully.

System: We have an internal NPS server, Active Directory ,CA Server and HPe Switches.

System settings on network card and NPS User Policy (the machine policy is similar but the VLAN & Domain group is different) are attached.

Event Logs: Shows that user and machine authentication has been successful both on the client and NPS server side.

What check can be done from my end to troubleshoot the issue?

If you require further information do not hesitate to reply :)



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