Login problems after Windows 10 Aug 2017 update

Aug 14, 2017
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My computer had an automatic Windows 10 update on 8/8 and MANY things haven't been working well since (video, norton antivirus, slower speed, etc). But for the moment, I'll focus on this one problem. When the computer has been turned off (or is officially restarting), I am able to login (albeit much slower than normal). When my computer goes to sleep because I had it on but didn't use it for a little while, I can't login. It won't bring the login info up, no place to type my password. I tried control/alt/delete and escape, and that didn't fix the issue. It has the pretty picture (as if I'm on the right login screen), but doesn't show my profile ID and has no box to enter my password. So, I have to completely shut my computer down or completely restart it any time I've been gone for a bit.

I've already been in touch with microsoft support twice, for hours. I did some "repair" for Windows 10 that took all day to reload. Didn't help. If anyone has ideas, that would be greatly appreciated.
Apr 22, 2017
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if you are seeing a screen like this (Screenlock), press any key key and the login window should appear!.

lock screen.PNG

You can also get it to log in automatically!.

https://www.howtogeek.com/112919/how-to-make-your-windows-8-computer-logon-automatically/ :)

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