Long RDP session Couse network failure

Feb 23, 2021
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I have a windows 10 on a 9900K + GPU + 25 NICards (USB connected).
I also run hyper-v host here, 1 win 10 client + external bridge to NIC.
I have CCPROXY and Pycharm also running.
I have few similar computers of this settings which works fine.

After around 4 days the network is freezing and (even) chrome browser not even get opened !
During this time my personal laptop is connected in RDP (local IP) to this PC and connecting persist.
I also have few SSH connections that still works (over the internet).

Tried and issue still exist:
When I press ifconfig - it get stuck.
Reset network settings.
When I open chrome browser it wont open.
Reconnect Network card reset/ disconnect all USBs.
I removed chrome / dropbox.
It was not always like that - it worked fine 1 year until few months.

What did the FIX:
Logout from RDP session automatically after 15 MIN, no issue for last month !

I am not sure how RDP session kill the network adapters.

Any suggestions before moving to Linux / Reinstall Win 10.


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