Making Windows 10 Networks Work Like Windows 7 Networks Did.

Jan 13, 2016
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We have a small office with seven computers connected by a hub router, which in turn is connected to a wifi router and that goes to the DSL modem, then the internet. When all the computers were running Windows 7 they all recognized each other, and desktop files on any computer that were set up as shared files could be viewed by any other computer on our intranet, opened and used, or moved between computers. We have various printers, scanners, etc. connected to various computers, and they could all be shared by all computers. Since we "upgraded" to Windows 10 most of the computers will no longer recognize each other. Nor will they share any of the files previously shared if they do recognize the other. We have not been able to get the W10 network to work like the W7 network did. I am looking for ideas on how to fix this problem. Nothing I have tried after reading several other networking threads has helped so far. I am hoping someone has found a solution they can share. If not I may have to reverse all the computers back to Windows 7. We need our intranet to work as it did before. You can label me as VERY frustrated.


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