Map Network Drive Browse button suddenly does not show Shared folders on ANY of my computers

Jan 27, 2020
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I just purchased a new Windows 10 Pro laptop. When I select Map Network Drive and click Browse, the Network window appears but none of my shared folders on any of my PCs show up. Only the word Network. Double clicking Network does nothing.

I then visited all my other PCs, Windows 10 Pro desktop, Windows 10 Home HTPC, older Windows 10 Pro laptop and get the exact same result!

History: I built a new desktop 09/21/21. At that time I set it up with all my shared folders across all my PCs and all my PCs were mapped to my new desktop which I also use as data storage, using the Browse feature. I had no need to add any folders since that time so I have not used the Browse feature since then. Until just this week, that is.

No changes have been made to any software or hardware since 09/21/21 except Windows updates. I have visited each PC to see if any changes have been made and none have. I verified that the same Workgroup is specified on each PC. I might add that absolutely no one has access to any of my computers other than me.

I can visit each PC and get the shared path and manually enter it into the Map Network Drive window and the drive will then appear in Explorer.

My question then is this: Why does the Browse button no longer function on any of my Windows 10 computers? I searched and found numerous replies, most saying "try this", "try that", none of which worked.

I would appreciate any positive comments that might help me solve this issue.

Please see attached screen shots.


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