Microsoft will not accept my previously working password to open Windows 10 on my computer.

May 3, 2016
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How do I set a new password when I am locked out of my computer. MS also wants me to delete files to upgrade Windows 10.I am perplexed.
Sep 24, 2020
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Hi there,
Try to recover your account password by typing your email and other details on the recovery of my account page. Also, try using the troubleshooting command prompt to activate the hidden administrator account ff there is.


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Nov 19, 2013
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How do I set a new password when I am locked out of my computer.
Exactly why many of us maintain a second admin account on our systems that is strictly a local account and not associated with any On Line Presence.

You might be able to rescue your computer by enabling the normally hidden / disabled Administrator account and use that to possibly fix the password problem on your local user account.
You'll need to boot from the installation media. If you do not have the installation media on hand you can download the ISO from here
Once you have the ISO, you can use ImgBurn to burn it to a DVD, (dual layer burner and media required)
or Rufus to burn it to a USB ThumbDrive, (8 gig more than adequate)
either of which you can use to boot your computer.

Follow the steps outlined here
It's generally simple and straight forward if you follow the step by step instructions, including how to undo your changes after you're done.
I've used it before and I know that it works however I've since moved on to a third party commercial product

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