MOUSE - Left / Right handed - primary button auto changes on 2 PC's ?


Aug 26, 2015
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I've searched high/low for a solution to this. nothing ?!

I have windows 10 on my laptop @ work + Windows 10 on my Home PC

My home PC has a Razor Death Adder (left handed) mouse - I had to change the primary to make it work for me
as I still use Left click as my primary.

My Works laptop has a normal Microsoft mouse.

I login to both these machines using the same Microsoft Account, as you do in order to make full use of OneDrive etc

EVERY time I goto work I have to swap the primary mouse key round in order to be able to use the laptop.

then EVERY time I go home I have to swap them round again.

It seems, somehow, that Windows 10 is switching them round for me automatically.

Is there a way to stop this happening as it's getting 'kin annoying now - only takes 10 secs to change it I know
but when I'm in a rush or forget. Arrrghhh !!

I know that if I log in locally on one of the PC's this would solve the problem but I need to access the 1TB of storage I got with my Office365 subs

Any help appreciated.



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