Multiple Duplicate Downloads Of Old Messages

Feb 15, 2016
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No sooner had I got the Windows10 problem sorted than I started to get multiple duplicate downloads of old messages! This has also happened to me a few times before. I'm now getting many hundreds (and rising by the day) of old messages come down each time I click 'Get Mail' I have e-mailed Incredimail 'Support' but so far no solution. Pretty hopeless service! I have used Incredimail for many years and love it, but I cannot continue like this! What should be a couple of minutes getting new mail now takes about half an hour to come down and for me to inspect each one to see if it is a duplicate or not and delete all the duplicates. A friend of mine has already abandoned Incredimail as he was getting THOUSANDS of duplicates each time! I have of course carefully checked and rung the changes on Incredimail 'Settings' to see If I can stop this absurd situation. Messages seem to remain on the Server despite the settings!
This is not a new problem, it seems to start spontaneously. Incredimail really should get their act together to fix this serious problem.



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Nov 19, 2013
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Thanks for sharing and welcome to the forum.
Have you checked with your email provider (often your ISP) to see if they might be able to help clean up your account content on their servers? Perhaps they have a setting to prevent this from happening.
We've seen several threads regarding incredimail lately, especially the flash player problem that a lot of users apparently suffered with.
Not being an incredimail user myself, I can only offer the most basic of suggestions and of course some empathy for what must be a very frustrating experience.

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