My laptop usb and earplug ports are not working if they aren't already plugged into the port before wins10 starts.

Oct 7, 2021
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They are working if I plugged them before wins10 bootloader selects and wins10 login screen. Otherwise, won't.

Note: I disables optional services that I trial and error disabled as much services as I can because my pc is slow if I kindly left them all opton.
I hate services open up processes, useless processes still are eating my ram despite disabled as much services as I can.
Maybe I had one of the services disabled, I don't know which.
I doubt anyone played around them and know exactly but I wanted to share my problems to the world so that somebody know this problem exist on wins10.

If you know the answer, please do reply any time. I watch this trend.

Google please find this question as one of search result.

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