Network Computers not visible in File Explorer or Network icon

Has Microsoft destroyed networking?

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Oct 25, 2017
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Can anybody explain to me just what Microsoft has done to networking? What used to be simple and straightforward is now like a tangled plate of spaghetti - And NOBODY seems to actually understand how it really works.
Currently I have a situation where on a five to ten machine network, NOTHING shows up under Windows Networking (not even my own computer) in either File Explorer or by clicking the Network icon on the desktop. Yet when I scan the network with a third party tool, everything shows up perfectly well? I have attached a picture to illustrate what I mean. Windows networking on the left, 3rd party scan on the right.
It's absurd - It's like Windows can't browse its own computers!
Just for clarity I am NOT using the ghastly Homegroup feature on any of the machines, and they are all set to be on a private network, with file and printer sharing enabled.


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