New computer build - do I need to reinstall win10?

Apr 15, 2015
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Hi, Just a quick question. I am about to build a new computer. Can I just I just use my C drive with win 10 on it, or do I need to start from scratch and reinstall windows completely?
The wording on win 10 says that it is free for the life of the computer. Well, seeing as I will no longer be using that computer, except for the C drive, will it just work, or do I have to remove win 10 from that drive and reinstall it?.
I have been on the insiders program for quite a while now.
I would like to know before I do the rebuild, to save some possible headaches.
I can always just install my win 7 if I have to and let it auto-upgrade, but that would be such a pain in the "you know where".
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Nov 19, 2013
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It is registered, with Microsoft, in conjunction with your motherboard. So I think you will need to reinstall.
As you can see, what you are suggesting, would be a pirating problem for MS. It would mean any user could install on a device (HD...) and carry it around to other computers for a freebee.

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