No news feed in Edge Browser

Aug 22, 2015
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'e' seems to have lost something on opening page.
Prior to shutdown 2 days ago, the opening page would have a feed which brought in all the current news items.
Now without any changes that I know of, the opening page is just blank with a window for entering a 'go to address'. which works.
I have searched around for a missing option etc and have gone back to a previous restore point but the 'e' opening page is still blank.

Do I need to download a new copy of 'edge' and overlay what is presently there, or some better way of fixing the opening page?



Oct 27, 2013
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Do you have a button labelled "customise" or a cog icon on the main edge page? If so, can you please click it and select the "reset to default settings" option please. That should restore the default homepage feed options.

It looks like others have had the same problem, but they don't have those buttons on the start page - so some users have had success by doing the following:

Three Dots (top right) > Settings > Clear Browsing Data > Tick all options > Clear

That will remove all of your browsing data, including cookies, saved passwords, etc... So you'll need to log in to any sites again. It's perhaps worth a shot if the lack of news feed is important.

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