OS won't install

Apr 7, 2022
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Hi,I have an old laptop(HP Pavilion dv 6700) and it has an old HDD(WD Scorpio 160GB).
I want to make it usable in 2022 and install an SSD and maybe run Windows 10 or Linux.
The problem is when I try to install Windows(windows says it can not install on this partition),I tried everything that I read on internet,formated partition changed from GPT to MBR and vice versa,tried to mess with BIOS settings but there is not much to mess with,its soo simple and without many features.
When I try to install Linux,everything is fine until it says to restart comp,after that its says to unplag media drive and hit eneter and than OS should boot from SSD but after it restarts comp says OPERATING SYSTEM NOT FOUND.
I can install and boot from HDD.Please give me suggestions here and i will as you say and post pictures.
Thanks and I hope yall can help me.


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