Outlook compatibility, elevation, search


Apr 1, 2019
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(Finally moving from Windows 7 to Windows 10)

The default Outlook 2016 notification pop-up that appears in the lower right corner when new mail is received no longer displays the instant one-click Delete, etc. options that were provided on the Outlook 2010 new mail notification pop-up

The Windows 10 “Troubleshoot compatibility” option will restore the Outlook 2010 appearance

However, then Outlook instant search displays the following errors:

“Instant Search is not available when Outlook is running with Administrator permissions.”

“Search performance will be impacted because the Windows Search service is turned off in elevated mode.”

FWIW, Services shows that Windows Search is turned on, and I am NOT running Outlook with Administrator permissions unless “Troubleshoot compatibility” set that somewhere not visible (Outlook Properties > Shortcut > Advanced Properties > Run as administrator is unchecked)

Is there any way to prevent Outlook from running with Administrator permissions, or resolve this seeming mutual-exclusion another way ?

Thanks in advance for any thoughts or suggestions


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