Ports (COM and LTE) not showing in Device Manager in windows 10

Sep 26, 2017
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It depends a lot upon the type and age of computer, used to be COM ports were 9-pin or 25-pin D-Sub connections for modems, mice, etc. or a 25-pin LPT/PRN connection for the printer, not seen on newer computers for awhile now. The 25-pin ports were male and the printer was female. The VGA display port was 15-pin and still in use.

A USB port can be designated as a COM port by a printer install such as HP.

One of mine:
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Sep 7, 2021
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this really helps, deserve 10000000 likes
I did this (had to click on View for it to show as were in Hidden) but my printer still refuses to work for me.
Tried plugging in the cable instead of the wireless but still no luck.
Brand new laptop - the printer worked initially then since it needed to install some updates it just fights with me.

All I need is for the printer (also brand new) to print for me!

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