Random system restarts after fresh install

Oct 6, 2019
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I built up a new system yesterday, and after installing windows i am plagued by intermittent restarts.

Power does not go off, system just restarts itself. Can restart as i put my windows pin in, or after ten minutes of using the desktop.
I have tried switching the ram around, checking all connections, re-seating gpu and so on, but nothing has worked.

Im kind of stuck with what to look at right now, unfortunately.

Specs as follows:
Ryzen 2600x
MSI Tomahawk Max mobo
16gb hyper x DDR4
MSI Geforce 2070
Corsair TX 750M psu
Corsair MP510 SSD
Seagate 1TB hdd

Any help would be greatly appreciated


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Nov 19, 2013
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Hello and welcome to the forums.
What you are describing sounds like your system is crashing and you're not seeing anything informative because your system is set to auto reboot.

Unfortunately it could be anything like a bad power supply or memory module to a corrupt system file from a bad install and will be difficult to diagnose.
Since it is a new system I hope we can discount any third party software as a possible culprit.

How do you feel about a temporary install of a Linux Distro (or at least running a "Live" version) to see if you experience the same problem(s).
That might at least suggest that the problem maybe linked to the install of Windows 10 or that there might be a particular piece of hardware or combination of hardware that Windows 10 is not playing nice with.

Here's a link to Mint (I kind of like the MATE desktop) if you think you might want to try it for a day or two to see if you can advance the diagnostic process a little further.
As I mentioned you can run it from a "Live" thumb drive or just install it and wipe the drive later after testing for a while.

You said that
I built up a new system yesterday,
Can we assume that all parts listed are also "new"?

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