Says "Preparing Automatic Repair" then goes back to advanced start-up screen

Apr 20, 2017
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  1. I recently got the nova rambler virus.
  2. The screen went red (the colour I used for windows 10) not allowing me to do anything
  3. I restarted my PC, for a while it was stuck in the advanced start-up screen not letting me do anything else
  4. Next it started up, but I couldn't type anything to log in, not even with the on screen keyboard
  5. Later that day it did boot up, after using many anti-malware programs malwarebytes seemed to solve the problem
  6. By this point the taskbar still wasn't working right, also Microsoft Edge wasn't installed
  7. I turned the computer off because I needed to go out, when I came back and turned it on everything seemed fine until I couldn't access settings or use shortcuts to access programs or even open any programs
  8. I restarted my PC, it said "Prepairing Automatic repair", I thought this was a good thing.
  9. It was there for a few moments then took me to the advanced start-up screen; there I couldn't do anything, no options worked except exiting to run the operating system which takes me back to the automatic repair screen
Now this is where I am, not able to reset my pc or anything. Can anyone help with this frustrating problem?


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Nov 19, 2013
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Hello Connor and welcome to the forum.
The screen went red (the colour I used for windows 10) not allowing me to do anything
"nova rambler" is a browser hijacker that inserts itself as your browser's search engine, which unfortunately might then lead to you visiting some sketchy search results, which in turn can further exacerbate the problem.
took me to the advanced start-up screen; there I couldn't do anything, no options worked
Did you happen to try "Startup settings" from that screen, which should have supported you restarting your computer and then choosing #4 (Safe Mode)

It may be that your computer is now unrecoverable. The initial infection may have been compounded by subsequent infections and may have resulted in the corruption of key system files and or registry corruption.
Some folks will tell you that the only way to be absolutely sure that your computer is virus free is to wipe the drive and clean install everything, some will even suggest that a low level format is required for a 100% solution.

There is one offline scanner that I've used in the past to bail me out of this type of situation.
IF you have a second working computer you can download it and burn it to a CD or ThumbDrive and use it to boot your computer and see if has any impact on your problem.
In addition to the download link there are a couple additional links there that explain how to burn the application to disk for booting
There is a PDF (user guide) here which is worth investing some time to read, especially starting at page 30 which explains the Update process so you can make sure you have the latest signatures.

Good luck and keep us posted.
I hope you have some backups of critical data.
Backing up now may not be a good idea as a restore of data from a post infection backup, might re-infect your machine.

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