Screen Has 2 Black Bands On Either Side

Jul 15, 2016
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. ..Hi , i split screen inbetween my PC 22" LED Monitor and my 50" LED Screen - First i noticed 2 Black Bands after re loading Wins 10 from scratch , back on to the PC Tower , on my PC 22" monitor screen - Try as i might i couldn't shift them - So i switched my PC screen around with my TV 50" screen - NOW as you can guess my 22" screen is okay , but now the screen ratio problem of 2 black bands about 2 inches in width along each length , is on 50" screen !!! . . .Now to THE REAL PROBLEM , so if you go into Wins 10 "Display" and say you want to change the hrz screen refresh settings , A WINDOWS 10 SCREEN POPS UP ON MY 50" screen doing away with the 2 black bands asking if i want to "Apply" changes - Okay i say "Apply" , the screen vanishes and i'm back to 2 black bands on either side of my 50" screen - Mmm so if you try anything , the moment Wins 10 prompt screen comes on THE RATIO FITS THE WHOLE SCREEN the moment you click "Apply" it reverts back to the 2 black bands - any advice will do thanks

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