Slow printing using wi-fi connection. Good speed if same printer uses USB connection. This happened after one of the many Win 10 updates but I don't .

Aug 6, 2016
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Have 3 PCs on our home network. After completing a major Win 10 update the 2 pcs that use wi-fi to connect to the printer are very, very slow to initiate printing. The host office PC is direct connected using USB to the printer initiates printing at a very good normal speed. If I take this host pc and connect to the printer with wi-fi also, it aslso initiates printing very, very slow. Anyone know of a Windows update that broke this connectivity?
Sep 26, 2017
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I got a new HP OfficeJet Pro couple weeks ago, new feature is Quiet printing but it does warn it will be slower.

I have the OfficeJet Pro and a LaserJet Pro attached by Ethernet to the Router and the Wireless/Wi-Fi Notebooks connect through the Router and are a bit slower than printing from the Desktops that are connected by Ethernet. Haven't seen anything to indicate that is a problem with an update yet.

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