SWFs, IE 11, and Adobe Flash conundrum

Sep 23, 2019
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I'm trying to play SWFs through Media Player Classic.
It worked as a charm on Windows 7.
But now, on 10, i'm getting error messages telling that i don't have Flash Player within IE.
Which is a paradox, because Adobe's site tells me that IE on Win10 already contains FP.
Tutorials tell to manipulate the "Shockwave" options in the add-on's tab, but!
The add-on's list of my IE is completely empty! (i checked "All" tab, not just "Recently installed") Whether the site that i'm browsing does have flash content or not.
Adobe's site puts my problem in an endless loop of "See how to install FP" -> "Your browser alrdy has FP. Does it work? If not ->" "See hot to install FP".
I managed to find a third-party Adobe Flash Player installer for IE, and after that - "Shockwave ActiveX" line did appear in my IE add-on's list!
I was only able to play SWFs within IE and *only* after turning "ActiveX" in "Security" tab ON and OFF. Even though it was OFF by default.
Media Player Classic was still giving that error message about no FP in IE.

So, in despair, i downloaded the stand alone SWF player, and it told me that "ShockwaveFlash Object is not installed".

I tried Adobe FP uninstaller, CCleaner, manually removed cache from %appdata%, installing older versions of AFP - nothing.

As if everything expects my IE to have the shockwave addon, while it simply isn't there.

I'm really lost here, please if anyone can help, that'd be great.

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