Taskbar disappearance

Feb 27, 2016
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Hello all, unfortunately my Windows 10 experience has been ruined by the taskbar. The time doesn't appear at the bottom right, none of my apps are displayed at the bottom, I can't access the windows/start key, I can't use Cortana, if I try to use any of these nothing happens, I've tried everything and nothing works, anyone got any help for bringing me back my taskbar or even reverting back to Windows 7 because my Settings button has disappeared also due to me not being able to hit the start button at the bottom left or using my keyboard to do so



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Nov 19, 2013
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Sounds like a disaster.
A couple things you can try, if possible.....
Use Ctrl + Alt + Delete keyboard combination to launch Task Manager.
From the menu bar select "File" -> "Run new task", and type
hit enter or click OK
In the system configuration utility select the "Boot" tab and
Check the box that says "Safe boot", tick the radio button that says "Network"
Click OK
Reboot your computer.... you can use the power icon on the bottom right of the Ctrl + Alt + Delete screen if you cannot otherwise, normally reboot your machine from the menu / power options.
See if the machine behaves any better in Safe Mode than in Normal Mode.

The other thing you might try is creating a new user as a member of the local administrators group (not a standard user) to see if the problems you are experiencing are global or unique to your specific profile.
Again, depending on what you can actually do in the current situation, you may need to browse to C:\Windows\System32 and find cmd.exe and right click it and choose run as Administrator.
This can also be done from task manager by simply typing the path into the Run New Task text box and hitting enter or clicking OK.
In the command prompt window type
net user JohnSmith /add
hit enter
then type
net localgroup administrators JohnSmith /add
hit enter
hit enter
Restart and log in as JohnSmith

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