Taskbar icons all over the place

May 15, 2019
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At the bottom of my screen, on the taskbar, all my icons are in very odd places. the taskbar as a whole is much taller, but the standard icons I have pinned to my taskbar always stay at the top of this, instead of filling the space.

Also sometimes, the touchscreen keyboard icon which is usually next to all of the smaller icons to the right of the taskbar such as the notifications button and time and date, is half off the screen, when this happens as well, the rest of the smaller icons move to the centre of the taskbar.

No matter where they are though, they are always arranged in a kind of oval shape. I do not know how my taskbar got like this, especially as I did not change any settings when this change happened.



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Nov 19, 2013
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Right click any blank area of the taskbar and make sure there is no check next to "Lock taskbar", then....
Hover your mouse cursor arrow over the top edge of the Taskbar until it turns into a two headed arrow....
Click and hold left mouse button and drag the top edge of the taskbar down until it returns to normal, then....
Lock it.

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